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Vinyl record collecting - Starter

What is it that drives us to collect vinyl records? Is it a passion, an obsession or an addiction? For me it is original first pressings of records that I grew up with or just hard to get original pressings. But it doesn't end there, there is always then the possibility of getting a copy in better condition than what you have, it's never ending.

Where do you find these records? Discogs market place though you are Never going to find a bargain here as everyone knows exactly what they have and what it is worth. eBay, yes you can still find some amazing bargains on eBay. Some of my best finds have come from eBay, as it is a auction scenario you can get very lucky. You can increase your luck and odds, here are my secret tips..... Use a sniping tool You don't show any interest in the item until just before it ends. Just set you maximum price you are willing to pay and sit back and wait. I Use auction sniper and have done for many years. Save search lists And have them emailed to you when there are new items. Look for sellers that don't have a store or that don't have thousands of feedback . You are unlikely to find that hidden gem in anyone with a record collecting eBay store. You are looking for Joe average who is selling his records. Op Shops / Charity stores I have never found anything half decent, but that could be just a reflection of where I live. See plenty of stories of amazing finds. Japan Having been to Japan a few times, the record stores are enormous and you can find amazing items and they are generally a lot cheaper than in Australia. With no travel due to covid it might be a while before this is a option again. Facebook Numerous record collecting groups exist and lots of auctions and sales. Generally not as expensive as discogs, generally very very competitive. Gumtree You can find some great things but you have to be quick. Don't count  as yours until you have it in your hands. I have had a few instances of going to pick something up only to find it already sold because the other person offered the seller more money. What to look for Discogs is invaluable here. You need to be very precise , A small difference can be all the difference. Start  with the title and the country it was made in and go from there. Use the matrix numbers from the dead wax area, this will be a immense help in working out what pressing you have and also give you a idea of value. You can Also see how many people own it and how many want it. (Important if you are buying something purely to resell).

If you have any questions about anything just reach out.

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