• Lance Peters

Album of the Week - Week 8

Chriise Hynde
The Pretenders

The 1ST album from the Pretenders. I bought this on release in 1980 after falling in love with "Brass in Pocket" It of course didn't hurt that the band had a sassy female singer in Chrissie Hynde.

For my money the two hit singles "Stop your Sobbing" and " Brass in Pocket" were possibly the albums weakest songs.

Pouring over the lyrics one could not help wondering on songs like 'Tattooed Love Boys', Who is Chrissie singing about when she says, 'I shot my mouth off and you showed me what that hole was for?

Chrissie's voice was what attracted me to this album and it remains a firm favorite to this day.

I saw the original lineup in concert not long after this was released at Festival Hall in Brisbane and the stress was already starting to show.

Chrissie telling the Audience at one stage :Why are you people here - It's the last fucking place I want to be" - She would go on to apologize for this night every time she returned to Brisbane in the following years. It was not long after this that James Honeyman Scott passed away and then Pete Farndon. So blessed to have seen this seminal lineup of The Pretenders.

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