• Lance Peters

Album of the Week - Week 7

Aussie Punk Rock
The Saints - I'm Stranded

A historic first album that could have been the first punk rock song of all time, a absolute classic album that would go on to influence many bands for decades to come.

A hometown band for me (Brisbane), formed in 1973 it wasn't until 1976 when I'm Stranded was released as a single that they began to really take off.

The band supported AC/DC in late December 1976 and, early in 1977, relocated to Sydney.

Ed Keupper (Guitarist) would continue to cover songs from this album well into 40+ years after its release.

Original release's of the album go for $100-$150+, The original single of Fatal records will likely set you back from $5000-$10000 if you can find one.

Its a awesome album - Play it loud!!

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