• Lance Peters

Album of the week - week 3

The guilty undertaker sighs, the lonesome organ grinder cries

The silver saxophones say I should refuse you.

Bob Dylan's 1966 masterpiece "Blonde on Blonde"

Released in mid 1966 this double album has more than stood the test of time, you will find it in all the top album lists.

It is that thin wild mercury music sound that he was looking for, loaded with classics like "Stuck in inside of Mobile", "Temporary like Achilles" and "Rainy day women #12 &35 ( with its sing along chorus of everybody must get stoned.)

Filled with lyrics that feature bizarre imagery,the music matches the lyrics perfectly with cutting guitar riffs, swirling organ riffs and even a boozy brass band.

Possibly a career pinnacle though with Bob you just never know, don't write him of just yet, last year's " Murder most foul" proves that.

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