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Album of the Week - Week 1 17/01/21

My father gave me Born to run on vinyl when I was 15 because he didn't like it, it spurned a lifelong love of the music of Bruce Springsteen.

This bootleg album came along not long after at a time when Bruce was not that well known in Australia, that wouldn't happen for another 10 years until the release of Born in the USA.

As a 18 year old I was captivated by the stories and growing legend that is Bruce Springsteen, legendary 3-4 hour concerts and stories of fans encounters with the man himself.

This show was broadcast live on fm radio on the eastern seaboard of the USA, it's a killer show from Passiac NJ Sept 19 1978 presented in it's entirety over 6 sides of vinyl.

For a devotee in Australia it was like a gift from heaven, the chance to hear a entire live show in very good sound quality, it was life changing. Rumour at the time was that it was recorded for possible release - that didn't happen until about 40 years later when it was remixed and released as part of the archive series.

I played this to death, it went everywhere with me, thunder road blasting from the speakers in my car as I drove along the highways to the gold coast. The music and performances spoke to me in a way that I can't explain. That scream in the middle of badlands, the piano intro to racing in the street, independence day, which at the time was on no official album. It was the soundtrack of my youth.

Listening to the high-resolution audio files from Bruces archive series release brings even better sound quality to the table and whilst that is awesome I find it just loses some of the magic somehow.

Maybe it is simply because this vinyl boxset and I have a shared history that can't be replaced by a set of digital files.

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